KOSS Series

KOSS Series is a family of Generators in “solid state” technology that grants reliability and repeatability to the heating process.If your application requests a power from 40 to 120 KW and a Frequency from 50 to 300 kHz, Koss Generators represent the best solution also in terms of quality/price ratio.

To grant an easy handling of the device and to optimize the footprint in the working areas, all Koss Series Generator are equipped with “stand-alone Heating Head”, which is connected to the Power Cabinet via a flexible cable with a standard length of 5 mts Upon request the flexible cable can reach up to 12 mts length.

KOSS Series is divided in two different ranges: KOSS 1 and KOSS 2:

    • KOSS 1 from 40 to 60 Kw
    • KOSS 2 from 80 to 120 Kw.

The difference between the two ranges consists in the Power & Control panel overall dimensions. Dimensions of Heating Head does not change.

The Generators are equipped with a Siemens Touch Panel on which you can:
  • set all the working parameters
  • resettings alarms
  • set the heating duration (TIMER)
  • select the working modes, Continuous-Timed
  • select the Control source (Local Touch Panel or Remote Station)
and view:
  • the status of the Generator during work
  • the various operating parameters
  • any anomalies
From the Touch Panel you can choose to operate in Continuous or Timed


In Continuous mode you can run heating of infinite duration
In the Timed mode, the heating time is set on the Touch Panel, in the TIMER section, with a resolution of 0.1 seconds.
All the product management logic is entrusted to a SIEMENS PLC which guarantees high reliability and total immunity to external electromagnetic disturbances..
The Generator can be interfaced in a PROFIBUS network.
Koss Series Generators can be supplied with two different and separate Heating Heads for multi-purpose applications. The two heating heads can’t work simultaneously.
In order to grant a full repeatability of the working process Koss Series Generators can boast a loop control system of the output power which, cycle by cycle, grants a full repeatability to the heating process.
Reliability of different models is the result of a careful design which allows the different power components not to be stressed. This also thanks to the fitted intrinsic safeties that protect the Generator in case of unexpected situation such as short circuits onto the inductor, power supply drops, etc.
An automatic “hooking system” of the resonance frequency, so called “Auto-Tuning System” allows the operator to use different shaped inductors without any need of resetting or recalibrating the device. The Generator itself resets automatically.
Transistors technology grants a 95% power output of the inductor compared to the 65% power output of the old style Triodes generators..
The KOSS Induction Generators are equipped with two separate water circuits; the first cools the power electronics, the second the inductor.

Both circuits are accompanied by:

  • Ultrasonic flow switch that constantly checks the suitability of the flow.
  • Temperature probe that reads the water temperature


Max temperature 27 ° C
Minimum temperature (recommended) 20 ° C (to avoid condensation)
Minimum flow rate 30 l/minute
Minimum pressure 5 bar (do not exceed 10 bar)
Hardness < 50 mg/l (CaCO3))
For the inductor cooling, industrial water is used without any particular temperature and hardness characteristics. The only ones to be respected are:
  • Pressure 6/7 bar does not exceed 10