EGMA Series

Serie EGMA is a range of state of the art “Solid State” Inductive Heating Generators which grants reliability, safety and repeatability to your heating process.
EGMA is the result of long experience in the field, reached thanks to many years of Felmi’s dedication to the Inductive Heating niche of application and to its continuous R&D activity.
Superb performances with compact overall dimensions are the distinctive characteristics of these devices.
If your production process requires a 6 to 30 Kw Power and a 50 to 300 kHz Frequency, Egma is the most suitable solution at the best “quality-price” ratio.

This range of Induction Generators, as well as all the others induction ovens, has to be chilled by means of water.
Meeting this need can very often be difficult for the end user since water is not always available in the production facilities.

To solve this possible problem Felmi has designed a version “Chilling Unit integrated” of the EGMA SERIES.
This version of the Egma Induction Generators don’t need external water supply and the end user has to provide only electric power.

EGMA Series is also produced in the “Conditioned version”, a very suitable version for very hot and humid facilities but which still needs water for the cooling process.

The heating of metals by means of “induction system” it is definitely the most widespread method in the industrial fields. This supremacy comes from the benefits that this system can grant and the main ones are:
  • very high energy yields,
  • aimed and thermo-controlled heating,
  • low pollution rate,
  • free flames free process,
  • very low maintenance costs

Here below list of Main Applications where use of EGMA is suitable:

  • Welding/Brazing
  • Automatic Welding/Brazing
  • Surface hardening/tempering
  • Hot moulding
  • Invigorating
  • Keying
  • Rod continuous heating
  • Electric cables production
  • Deformations
  • Pipes folding
  • Stretching

Egma Series Generators are equipped with latest technology Control and Visualization Panel.

Thanks to the two Microprocessors fitted onto the machine, all operational parameters can be displayed on the control panel and heating length of time can be set with a 0,1 sec. accuracy. Working settings and threshold safety values can be displayed as well.
OPERATIONAL MODES: Egma Series Generators can operate in the following different modes:

  1. Process Control
  2. Continuous mode
  3. Timing mode
This mode, thanks to a dedicated device, allows the Generator to run with the help of an optical pyrometer heating processes heating processes that automatically adjust the thermo-settings.
When using this operation mode, endless time cycles can be processed. Start phase and stop phase of the heating process can be selected by the “ON-OFF” switch placed on the Control Panel or, alternatively, by an external pedal.
This operation mode allows to determine the time length of the heating phase, by using a digital timer placed on the Control Panel. Time length can vary from 0,1 to 600 sec. with 0,1 resolution. Start phase of the heating process can be selected by the “ON-OFF” switch placed on the Control Panel or, alternatively, by an external pedal.
The circuits’ characteristics of EGMA Generators grant the following advantages:
In order to grant a whole repeatability of the heating process Egma Generators foresee an exit voltage control system “loop type” which, cycle by cycle, grants a whole repeatability of the heating process.
Reliability of different models is the result of a careful design which allows the different power components not to be stressed. This also thanks to the fitted intrinsic safeties that protect the Generator in case of unexpected situation such as short circuits onto the inductor, casual openings of the same inductor, power supply drops, etc.
An automatic “hooking system” of the resonance frequency, so called “Auto-Tuning System” allows the operator to use different shaped inductors (therefore inductors with different induction values) without any need of resetting or recalibrating the device. The Generator itself resets automatically.
Transistors technology grants a 95% power output of the inductor compared to the 65% power output of the old style Triodes generators.

Generators have to be water cooled and they differ as follows:

  • EGMA 6, EGMA 10, EGMA 15: these generators are equipped with one only water circuit; water cools both the power’s electronic components and the inductor.
  • EGMA 20, EGMA 25, EGMA 30: these generators are equipped with two separate water circuits: the first one cools the power’s electronic components (inlet and outlet placed in the back side of the generator); the second one cools the inductor (inlet and outlet placed in the back side of the heating head).

Both circuits are equipped with a flowmeter device for checking the cooling flow: in case the cooling flow gets blocked or works at reduced rate, generator stops the power supply.



Power’s electronic components water circuit data:

Minimum Pressure 4 bar
Max Pressure 10 bar
Max. Temperature 26° Celsius
Water Hardness < 0,3 French degrees



Inductor’s water circuit data (EGMA 20, EGMA 25, EGMA 30, only).
To this circuit it is possible to supply industrial water.

Suggested Pressure 6 bar
Max. Pressure 10 bar
Max. Temperature 38° Celsius